How to Quickly Solve Magenta Light on Orbi Router Issue?


If you are facing Orbi purple light error on your router then don’t worry we are here to help you. In this blog, we will provide you the information on how to solve purple light blinking on Orbi router issue and also discuss the main reasons behind this. 


Following are the reasons for magenta light on Orbi router

Purple light shows different technical issues, which might be because of the unstable or wrong connection network. Let’s read the reasons for the Orbi purple light error

  • The most common reason for magenta or purple LED light is because of network issues. 

  • When Orbi satellite sync fails and does not connect with your Orbi router, this is one of the reasons for the solid purple LED on Orbi issue.

  • Maybe the Orbi router, wires, and the modem’s cable are broken or loose. 

  • If there is an issue with your internet connectivity, then the Orbi router will show the purple light.  

  • If the Ethernet cable is not properly connected to the WLAN port of the router then it might become the reason for showing the magenta light. 

  • Sometimes, Orbi's purple light error also starts flashing on the router due to some new changes by using orbilogin.com in the configuration. 

  • The inactive or weak wireless connection also leads to the cause of the purple light blinking issue. 

  • Outdated firmware is also the reason for the purple light blinking on the Orbi router. Thus, it is important for you to regularly update the firmware.   

  • If any malware and viruses are there in your Orbi Wifi system, then it prevents the Orbi router from functioning in a normal way. 

 Easy Steps to solve Purple light blinking issue on Orbi router 


  • First, you have to reboot the Orbi Wifi router. 

  • Then, check that all devices you are using are connected to the wireless network of the Orbi router. 

  • Verify that the WAN port connection is connected properly. 

  • Maybe the Orbi router does recognize the IP address. It shows that orbilogin.net is not connected to the internet or not working. 

  • Check that you have an active and proper internet connection. 

  • Ensure the Orbi router is attached properly to the adapter. 

  • If all the cables and wires are connected properly, then turn off the router and remove or disconnect all the wires and cables. 

  • After this, wait for 20-30 seconds and then turn on the router. 

  • Then, turn off all wires and cables, and turn off the router. Here the Orbi router will flash magenta to white light. 

  • Now, switch on the internet and later wait for sometime and the router will boot.  

  • When it is completely booted, turn on the Orbi router. 

  • Update the firmware of the Wifi to solve this issue. 

  • If the above procedure fails, then you have to reset the Orbi router to its default factory settings. 


So, these are some of the troubleshooting steps to solve Orbi purple light error. However, if you find it difficult to perform these troubleshooting steps, then you can have a chat with our team members.